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UFC 275: Glover Teixeira vs Jiri Prochazka, UFC Fighters reveals their prediction for the HUGE Main Event

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UFC 275: The light heavyweight title fight Glover Teixeira vs Jiri Prochazka at UFC 275 Singapore has piqued the interest of everyone. Israel Adesanya and Jan Blachowicz have expressed their prediction about the upcoming bout. It is all set to take place in Singapore Indoor Stadium in Kallang, Singapore on June 11 and June 12 here in India.

UFC 275: Glover Teixeira vs Jiri Prochazka, UFC Fighters reveals their prediction for the HUGE Main Event

Glover Teixeira vs Jiri Prochazka: Glover Teixeira is set to defend his Light Heavyweight Title against Jiri Prochazka.

The champion is currently on a 6-fight win streak and Jiri Prochazka, who will fight his third UFC fight, is on 14 fight win streak with 10 of his last wins coming via Knockout.

The middleweight undisputed champion Israel Adesanya stayed undefeated until he moved to the light-heavyweight division and tasted his pinch of loss with Jan Blachowicz in UFC 259. Since then, The last style bender has his eyes on the bouts happening in the light heavyweight division and has elucidated his prediction on UFC 275 light heavyweight divisions title fight.

Israel Adesanya, “One thing I like about people like Jiří is they just come out of nowhere and just take a whole new aspect of martial arts and immerse themselves in it and then we get to witness it and see the devastation. When it comes time to fight the striking is awkward, but it works for him he’s long, he’s rangy, fights hands down, good looks.”

“Glover’s much more intelligent with his striking, he is much more textbook, is much more disciplined too. Jiří’s much more expressive with striking and also they both come forward and fight so who can make the other person take more of a back step and will work.”

“If I’m gonna bet I’m gonna go with Jiří, young, energy, tall, rangy, awkward, Glover’s had problems with them the past was why we fight because now we’re in the present. So he has to be patient.”

On the other hand,Jan Blachowicz (29-9 MMA) who suffered his major loss at UFC 267 in October 2021 to Glover Teixeira, has delivered predictions on his rival’s UFC 275 main card.

Jan Blachowicz said, “For me, it’s 50-50 with little bit more on Glover,” Blachowicz told MMA Junkie. “He found something in himself at the end of his career. He can survive everything, he’s got a lot of experience, he knows how to use it, and that’s why he’s a little bit better than Jiri, who is younger with a weird style, crazy style. But if Glover survives this crazy style in the beginning of the fight, if he takes him down, he can submit him.”

It will start at – 7:30 am IST, Sony Sports Network has the broadcasting right for UFC fights in India. Sony Ten 2 (English) and Sony Ten 3 (Hindi) will telecast the main card live on TV in India

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