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How to build an electric skateboard and how much is it?

There are two ways you can have an electric skateboard: buy a pre-assembled one or build a new one yourself from the parts. The first option sounds a little easier, but the second way is chosen by most people because they can customize the board to the way they want. But building a skateboard is quite complicated and difficult, especially for beginners. So how to get started? Read this article to the end and you'll know right away.

The first step is to buy all the parts of an electric skateboard. I won't go into detail on how to buy each part of a motorized skateboard here because a lot of bloggers have already talked about this topic, you can check out eSkateBuddy, for instance.

Basically you will need to buy parts like batteries, trucks, enclosure, wheels, deck, bolts, bearings, and nuts. Fortunately, you can find these parts easily on e-commerce sites or at skateboard stores.

After you have purchased all the parts, you can move on to the next step which is assembling the board. I found a pretty detailed article on e-skateboarder you can read.

How much you will have to pay if you build an e-board.

Many people often say that building an electric skateboard is more expensive than buying an existing one. This is true but not entirely. I know a lot of people who can build one for a very low cost, but the parts are very quality. This guy is an experienced electric skater and he has a lot of experience in buying used but still working well electric skateboard parts.

If you spend enough time to research, I believe you definitely can build one that is not only quality but also cheap. To read the full guideline, you can go to eSkateBuddy on Ello.

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