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Looking for holiday cheer after hours? Try the free Wunder Garten's Winterfest

WASHINGTON — Holiday cheer is in full swing at Wunder Garten's Winterfest in D.C.

The third annual event features everything from a Christmas market to a kissing booth igloo for some after-hours fun.

“Oh my God, it’s a winter wonderland," one man said after stepping out of the igloo with his girlfriend.

Saturday featured a holiday costume party and patrons did not disappoint. Some dressed up as self-proclaimed "naughty elves". Others donned head-to-toe Christmas-themed suits.

Others enjoyed the cheese fondue at Stable's pop-up, Little Stable.

For those looking for more than eating or drinking, the market also hosts local vendors, like Second Story Cards.

"Second Story Cards is a homeless enterprise," Founder Reed Sandridge said. "We work with homeless women and men to make greeting cards and other forms of art to help them get back on their feet and into housing."

Second Story is running a special this season where people can purchase a card to send to someone who is homeless. More information is on their website.

Winterfest lasts until Dec. 22. Saturday, Dec. 21 features the last special event of the season: The 80's Holiday Party. Admission is free.

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